Wednesday, July 6, 2016

July is Time to Clean & Organize

Okay, I am a little CrAZy.  In July, I take a few hours a couple times a week (sometimes more when I get too involved) to work on fun for me teaching items.  My fun is not everyones fun, though.  Like part of last week, I spent my time learning all I could about Generation Z.  They are who we are teaching after all.  WOW!! Interesting....But that will be a post for a different day.
The other part of that time was spent organizing and classroom desk and desktop.  Well, truth be told the desktop is organized but NOT cleaned yet.  

What does this have to do with differentiation?
Differentiation is easier to accomplish if you can find what you need! So...take time now to organize all those items just sitting around.  We all have them.  
On the desktop:
   *Put everything in a folder.
   *Go through the folders and trash what you haven't used in a few years.  Okay, so as teachers we have an issue with getting rid of things.  SO...
   *Make a "Temporary Folder" that can hold the documents, PPTs, activities, etc. that you just can not part with at this minute.  Then over winter break or next summer feel better about trashing them.  
    *When going through the items in your folder mark items that you know are for scaffolding or extending learning. This will make it easy to locate needed items without opening every document to check it out.  A quick description will also be helpful. 
    *I am also cleaning out my Pinterest boards.  Hi, my name is Kim and I have an addiction to gathering ideas!!! I love collecting and sharing them.  But it is time to cut back.  So, each night I go through a couple folders or two boards.  

Angela Watson has a great blog, Cornerstone, and every once in a while she accepts people into her 40 Hour Work Week. In both of them, she is talking about organizing your day.  Sketch out what you want to accomplish and give it specific timeframes.  That includes the soak in the tub or reading on the hammock.  It simply allows you to get the rest and rejuvenation you need over the summer as well as being prepared for the start without the frantic chaos that sometimes faces us when we return. 

 Whatever you do whether it is putting items into folders or taking time to clean out the clutter, it will all help you feel a bit better when you start the new year.