Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Teacher Always Says...

I am trying my first Linky Party!!! WOOO HOOO....

Jumping in.... can I swim?

This party is all about those tidbits that come out of our mouths on a regular basis. 

Here are mine!

 *Ducklings follow around their mommas. I don't like to have students follow me around the room.
* I enjoy questioning the kids so they have to stand up and own their answer. 
 I also expect evidence which leads them to their answers.

*Celebrate GREAT thinking!!

*(SOAPBOX ALERT) My weird way to answer kids who ask for extra credit or if they accidently did extra work.  I don't give extra work for extra credit.  There are times when there may be a extra credit on a test. However, if a student (parent) wants it so they can get a 4 instead of a 3 on the report card, I explain they earn their grades and I expect their best as they go.  The way our school grades are set up (Grading for Learning) an extra credit project would not change the grade enough to make the difference they want anyway.  If they need help on a concept, I will give it
 They want extra practice, they can do it.  Meanwhile, their brain would love them for the workout
and the next time the concept shows up they will do better.
(Normally, those asking for extra credit could have done it correctly the first time.)

Again, I LOVE this one, especially for my higher kiddos.  They think or have learned that as long as they do what will get the good grade, it is acceptable.  They find out quickly. I do not let them give the easy answer .  If I know they can provide deeper answers, I expect them.

* I truly believe in my students.  I wish those who lack self concept could see themselves as I see them.  Every child has talents and gifts to share with the class.

 *Personal responsibility is the basis of this mantra.  Actually, "Whose responsibility is that?" or "Can I learn for you?" would be two other sayings, which come out of my mouth 
fall into this category as well. 
Wow, I didn't realize how many one liners or questions I say almost everyday, all year long!
*I found that  I said this A LOT the last three weeks of school, as if things changed after 170 days.
(The two ways are the dictionary or try three then see me.)

*This is another one of the "take responsibility for your learning" sayings.  I teach (as we all do) that they have the resources or can find them.  I don't let them off the hook.  I am happy to help after they have exhausted those resources. (21st Century Education) I will help
use the resources, as needed.  But will not play into just giving them the answer
 because they asked.
Now it is your turn!
What are your mantras?
How do they demonstrate or exemplify what you want your students to learn or do?
~ Growing brain cells together through daily talk ~