Friday, June 21, 2013



This summer one of the tasks on my TO DO LIST is to find games.
I have been scouting out a few garage sales and Goodwill.
Yesterday, I hit the jackpot!!
I found two Chutes and Ladders, Boggle Jr., and another Connect Four.
Connect Four - I have many ideas swimming in my head because of Penterest.
(Check out my Penterest boards , reading, word work & math, to see some of the ideas.)
Chutes and Ladders - This board has soooo many uses.  Just add any set of cards (comprehension questions, flashcards, even use worksheets as the questions).  Student picks a card, gives an answer, and checks answer. If they are correct, spin and move! That simple and FUN way to practice.
Boggle Jr. - I have two ideas. One is to give it to a Kindergarten or first grade class. 
Secondly, using just the cubes, students will roll and see how many words they can make.
Monopoly - This is a special set that I picked up just for the game pieces. 
Fun game pieces can be found on the cheap this way.
(Getting large sets of mini erasers can be used for interesting game pieces as well.  Oriental Trading offer all kinds of little trinkets in large quantities and can be found for themes or holidays.)
My plan is to have a large container filled with different items so they can choose their game pieces.

Think of my surprise as I walked by a bin of binders to see this 5" binder sticking out!
YES!! I am always in need of LARGE binders. 
Upon investigating the bin I found 3 of them!
They have the clear sides so I can make colorful titles. I am in teacher heaven.

What kinds of items are you looking for this summer?
What are you doing with them?
What SURPRISE items have you found and turned into exciting educational items?