Thursday, June 20, 2013

Just a quick thought

I was reading through several of my favorite blogs.  The Peanut Gallery came up through another blog I follow.  I have seen this game and even have fly swatters that say "SPLAT" on them just to play it.  Well...we played it once! Why? I don't like games where two kids are at a board and the "team" just sits back and watches. (Engagement???)   BUT as I read the game this time and author mentioned putting the words on a poster board, the light bulb lite up!  Make it part of your Daily 5 routine.  Make it a game/center to practice vocabulary.  YES!!! I could then see three kids in a group sitting around the "SPLAT" board.  Swat is the name I have heard it called but I call it Splat due to my flyswatters. One student would read a card with a definition or sentence containing a blank or synonym of the desired vocabulary word. The reason for the differing "question" cards is to differentiate.  The other two students with swatters in hand search for the vocabulary word.  I am now pumped to use my little used SPLAT swatters. add yet another project to my long "Do Over Summer" list. :)   Thank you Peanut Gallery author (sorry don't know your name) for your inspiration!!