Thursday, June 20, 2013

What would you do with this spinner?


SOOOO....many ideas floating through my head!

Found in Oriental Trading carnival catalog 2013., I bought this along with one of my teaching partners from last year.  
Here are the ideas I have so far:
lining up...spin for who gets to line up
active learning ... Each team sends up a representative to spin to see which problem 
they will work on first.  Once they complete that answer, they can check with
the teacher or other answer holder.  If it is correct, spin and do the next
problem. If not, team tries again.
points....I give points for doing the right thing.  I imagine having a "secret" behavior
for the week or day and spinning to see how many points it is worth.  Normally,
students earn one point at a time.
review game...the same as the active learning but maybe the students complete
the review problem individually. Then discuss as teams how they
came to their answers.  Great resource, I just downloaded and printed,
are discussion cards that each team can use to help deepen conversations.
multiplication practice... center idea...spin for two numbers then multiply.
coordinate idea...spin two numbers find the plot. 
There were two more ideas...they are now lost somewhere in the grey matter
contained within my cranium. 
Now I want to pick your brains...