Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Winding down....Celebrate good times...COME ON!!

Here is a blog I started 5 weeks ago.... hmmm...well, why not post it anyway!

   I was thinking about this blog the other day.  I have never been a journal writer or "in my day" diary keeper.  So why did I start this thing?  Why am I worried about keeping it going?  It probably has more to do with my convictions of you start it you see it through. 
   This year is coming to an end.  I once again have seen several children walk into my room, and walked with them as we did some very interesting things (they call them crazy).  I have seen these students through from start of the year to these last few days.  As I talked to a couple parents today, I realized that even on these last few days, I cannot just give up on them.  I told one mom that I needed some of them for just another month.  They were on the edge of knowing it or almost to the top of the mountain where the sparkle in their eyes say, "IT CLICKED!!"  I don't have them for another month.  Some of these children have been entrusted to me for two years. 
   No child clicks on any one concept/standard/essential at the same time.  Wouldn't our lives be so much easier if they did!  I can say that the data proves that they have made terrific gains this year.  Math: pre-assessment over 5th grade material....2 out of 20 proficient.  post-17 out of 20.  Cause to celebrate!! I have the same to celebrate with language arts. 
NOTE: I am about ready to send out mid summer letters to my class from last year.  This blog started and not posted reminds me that great things happened this past year.  My prayer is that all my students who are headed off to Hastings Middle School, will find success and continue to be responsible for who they are and what they learn! I believe that is going to be my central theme for this year's summer letter.