Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Reuse, recycle, repurpose...lamination ends....

Hi Fabulous Five....(I have decided to give my first faithful five a name.)

Today, we were working on our story problems and I realized I should share our "invisible" sheets with the world.  Or the five that follow at least.... 

   A while back I was frustrated because I teach word problems using Singapore Math.  The best way by far because when the students follow the steps it takes the words out and replaces them with a diagram/bar usually.  Look up Singapore Model Drawing. (This link is to another site that gives a brief explanation.)  The issue is we do not use Singapore Math, we have Saxon.  Therefore, we have wonderful heavy and large textbooks for my kiddos, into which they cannot write. To be successful with Model Drawing, it is VERY helpful to be able to underline and make marks on the problem. 
   I have used slip sleeves sliced on a long side for sliding the textbook page into.  This became an issue every time it had to be moved.  Some could not put it on and off with out big ordeal.  This year I started out using transparencies.  We have several sitting around now that all rooms have projectors and document cameras.  They are nice because they are heavier and perfect size. However, students seem to have an issue keeping them where they can be found again.  I am sure you do not have the issue.  This was becoming a costly endeavor.
   One day while gathering up my laminating job, it came to me....recycle, reuse, repurpose!  There it was, a large sheet of laminating film at the end.  I cut it into thirds and WAALAAA....extra "invisible" sheets! 
    As you can see from the picture above it looks like the students are writing in their textbooks with Expo markers.  Hence, the name invisible sheets.  When used as often as they should be, they do become cloudy.  Not a problem...just go grab a new one out of the bin.  There is always extra laminating.
   Alternative uses:
       Put over printing, cursive or number writing pages to save paper, use in stead of personal white boards (this is done often when a white board is misplaced), use in an anthology to mark passages or indicate where questions popped up, tape to the desk for message center, as a window into a box to watch the chicks....

WHAT ideas can you think of to use the extra laminating film? 

Cannot wait to hear all the great ideas!