Saturday, April 13, 2013

Figurative Language lesson .... Good thing I get 3 chances to do it correct!

   It is great that I am given 3 chances to get it right!! I teach grammar/language arts, while my partners teach science and social studies.  We rotate the three classes each week.  Well...I have to confess that this last section has not gone exactly like I wanted.  My poor students are always the guinea pigs.  This time...they received a very short end of the stick! 

     I wanted to get in a last minute review of the various figurative language elements we have had all year through Treasures as a prep for the upcoming tests...yippee!  I wanted to accomplish too---- much the first time the week of lessons were taught.  The second week went much better.  Now, next week I have a very low class and I need to revamp it once again.  Need to find more active learning and hands on activities. 

  The best part of the lessons came about during my first week when I realized it was going downhill and rolling fast. I searched the net and found examples of poetry which demonstrated each literary element (alliteration, consonance, onomatopoeia, simile, metaphor, rhyme, personification, hyperbole, and idiom) They loved the challenge!  The next week I added a You Tube video which made a huge difference this week.
  I have the song but the video kept the students more engaged the second week than just singing did the first week!
   How do you teach figurative language?  What games or active strategies do you have that I can use for my next class?

Building brain cells together,