Thursday, July 25, 2013

Back from Kenya


Varied thoughts, ideas, lessons....

It is important to balance or you might find yourself squished between the branches.
Balancing will be a key this year as I take on new challenges.

Some days are smooth sailing!

 Then you step up and take a look as far as you can see and point out what is right and good. Enjoy the view, see the promise! When you get away from being up close and look from a new perspective....All the fruits can be seen.


Remember some kids come to school needing to protect what little they have.

This is one of my favorites!!! I plan to use it with my class.  This tree has very long roots that are holding on for dear life in spots and stretching out it others.
The plan is to use it to talk about there will be times that you feel that you are on the edge.  With strong/solid support you will get what you need to grow.

Did you know that the gerenuk antelope has legs structured to allow them to stand up tall and eat from small bushes.  The giraffes and elephants eat up high.  Other antelope eat the grasses. They eat the vegetation in the middle. They use what they have to become stronger and nourished.
Each student is unique and has their place within the classroom as well.

These orphans demonstrated how it doesn't matter what has happened, as long as you know
that you have a place where you are loved, you can sing praises.

Well....this one may take an explanation.
This is the hopper plane that delivered my husbands lost bag.  We had to leave Niarobi before the bag could be found. (Didn't leave Chicago...very long story that may
be a great post for my Dance Sing Praise blog.)
The thankful for people who will go out of their way to help you.

ALWAYS, always...have a guide/mentor to show you the ropes and a trusty driver/friend who knows how to miss potholes and get you through mud/rough times!

Some days they will just need to JUMP!!
The youngest cousin (far left) needed the movement.
Many of our students need it also.  Not a 3 minute dance or activity. 
 Just a quick...45 second stretch will do.

Sometimes we need to stop and take a closer look.
 Don't miss the high ability child because that action may instill habits,
 which lead to not working to their potential in the future.
(Do you see two Leopards? Look for white strings.)

Take time to play!

All of our students have parents who just want to protect their child.

Transitions happen.
They can be clean like this transit to downtown Zurich or
cluttered/rushed like we felt on the L in Chicago.
Plan the daily trip through your day with smooth intentional transitions.

Sometimes things don't go as planned. You may not be going anywhere.

Enjoy what surprises may be around the corner on those days!
It was not the plan to be in Zurich for a day.  It happened...we took the time to go downtown.
Youngest in high school German counts this as his favorite part of the trip.
He practiced the language and saw a place he had seen in textbooks.

Sometimes those unexpected events lead to beautiful outcomes.
That is a small portion of what I saw and thought about during my vacation.
New year is dawning....better start getting my...
...ducks, storks, a row!
What have you done this summer? Any lessons?