Saturday, February 16, 2013

Autopsy IT!

 Teamwork                                                Looking through assessment               Marking charts

YES! I am back!
   Computer issues are not welcome when one is trying to get their feet wet in blogging.

  We had a great week in fifth grade!  Valentines parties, moving desks and digging deeper into fractions made for an interesting week.
   The best part was the math autopsy.  I am finally getting it down to a flow.  The students are finding it worthwhile and catching onto the questions that pull them through the steps. It is so much fun to watch them as they discover what they are doing correct and celebrate those accomplishments.  The goals they are setting are much better than any prior to the autopsy.  The self reflection brings out the best goal setting.  I have been dabbling in personal goal setting with my student for a few years.  This autopsy process has done more than anything else I have tried. 
    I have had so many people who have added their brain cells to this product. My partners in insanity are my 5th grade teaching partner, Michelle, and resource teacher, April, who co-teaches in my room.  They have given many hours of conversation and ideas as I was never quite satisfied.
    If you want to dive into student self reflection/evaluation which will lead to outstanding goal setting, visit my Teacher pay Teachers store and check out this resource ($3).  There is also a free goal setting recording page.  It is one of my "duh...why didn't I think of this earlier!" pages.  Download it...print it...stick it to their desks with clear contact paper....then....students start recording and keeping track of their personal goals.
    One of my professional goals was to increase my students abilities to self-evaluate, set goals, and track their own success.  First two parts are improving.  The last part is in need of tweaking. 
   Have a great week watching the light bulbs glow brighter!