Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New year, New adventure...

     Come dive in with me to discover the excitement of teaching so that all students are working toward their personal best.  There will be many smiles, laughs, and engaged students along the way. 
      I believe all students come to the classroom with unique gifts that work together towards growing a classroom of learners.  Kids crave the power knowledge gives them, a sense of belonging, feeling valued for who they are, and fun.  Teaching brings new challenges and joys everyday because of the mix of expectations and personalities.  Differentiation is how I meet each day with some confidence. 
     This is just a starting point in sharing with others how my classroom functions.  It is my prayer it spurs others to dive into differentiation and that an open conversation occurs.  I am always looking for new ideas or spicing up of old ones.  Thank you for taking time to start this adventure with me.