Sunday, March 17, 2013

Liebster #2

I have to is fun to find others who are in the beginning of blogging along with you.  However, I sure took my time!  But I am finalizing my commitment for the Liebster award.  These are the 11 blogs that I recommend for others to check out.  They are all current at the time of composing this
post.  I believe non of them have been nominated for this award as well.  At least, I did not see the award graphic.  ENJOY!!
   Great ideas and I love that she finds time to laugh in her room.
    It looks as if this is a new blog with very cute owls.
   Wow, this is a superb resource!  She has many terrific ideas to keep students engaged in Social Studies.
   This sight is "fantastic."
   I liked the active learning portrayed here.
   Super tech information
     Very bright and colorful blog that has great primary ideas.
    This teacher thinks outside the box. (QR codes and iPad toons to engage the students.)
    Really like the graphics offered for sale and ideas this 5th grade teacher uses.  The graphics are different than most which is what makes me attractive to me.  Good for older students. 
    Like the Monday Morning cartoon! Caught my eye as a person, I want to follow.
   The mosaics offered by this teacher would be a welcome addition to my extra activities file.