Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Decisions, Decisions....Setting Up the Classroom

It is time! Time to take those last few hours to just sit on the porch and breath in the fresh air.  Time to get the brain transitioning to the new year.  Time to be inspired!

I had decided early in the spring to have a superheroes theme this year.  It has been fun! There are many great ideas.  See my Pinterest Board to see what is out there to use and inspire your creative juices!

Now for a picture walk through my room as it is right now.  Not complete at this point.  More to come soon!!!
Writing bulletin board

front left side
Missing from picture are the objective strips which are located to the far left.
Recycled overhead apron holds student sticks and brain breaks.
"Don't Forget" is the space used for reminders and notes.
"Reading Buckets" normally have student list attached to front so I can mark who needs materials from each bucket for guided reading.
Visual student materials magnets.  There are now fancy ones to buy.  These were homemade as I started using them long before the commercially made ones.  Another opportunity missed!
Lastly the behavior chart. Instead of using clothes pins, I am using magnets.  BECAUSE...I am addicted to magnets right now!

Right hand side of front white board.  In the middle it is normal work space.
Started this last year and will keep using it. 
One of the best ideas I used last year.
Each student has a numbered glass pebble with hot glued magnet. 
When students leave the room they move their pebble to where they are going (resource room, restroom, nurse, office, band....).

 The back white board: Homeworkopoly board; homework turn in file holders;
"Extras" is where I put papers for those who have been absent or loose one;
The middle spot are the stats we keep.  I plan to also keep how many days we go with everyone turning homework in.

"Keep Calm and Superhero On" 
Students will make their superhero symbol and they will go up here all year.

The corner says, "News Flash"
This will be our current events bulletin board.
The border is made from superhero Duck tape.  Easy and fun way to make borders.

This is the board we will use to focus on character traits. 
The cloud looking poster is a place the class can write positive things about their classmates.

Still trying to come up with a great title for this one.
It contains popsicle/craft sticks with better word choices.

It is where my L to J and other class data graphs will reside.

 OOPS.. out of order.

 I have a whole wall that is sectioned off, so....I use it for each subject.
Vocabulary and key concepts to here for easy access throughout an unit.

"Incredible Work"
The Hulk is a Pinterest find.  As well as using clothes pins for hanging their papers.
I have had a "brag" board for a few years.  The students love having control over what they put on the board to show off. 
That is the start to my room.  Stay tuned, I have more to share coming soon!