Saturday, December 27, 2014

February is on its way!

I have been given the opportunity to speak at our Nebraska Association for Gifted this coming Feb.  It is just as one of the break out sessions.  My nerves have been on high alert since the announcement earlier this month.  There is a FANTASTIC Facebook page ....  Encouraging Teachers... of which I belong.  I asked the members to let me know what they would like to know about the subject of differentiation.
DRUM ROLL.....teachers want to know....
       * Time management
       * Managing independence while teaching small groups or     individuals
       * make, take and use items
       * What to do about the unmotivated gifted students?  Boredom?
       * How to get other teachers of same students on board or working together?
       * teaching independence
       * ways to monitor independent work
       * keeping "superiority complex" at bay

Tall order!!

I will keep you abreast of how it is going and think out my ideas here as well.

The questions and some pleas for information bolstered my thoughts about this not forgotten but definitely on the FAR back burner blog.
It is my intent....with prayer and start writing regularly on my blog in order to get ideas flowing about how to truly have a classroom where EVERY student learns and accomplished all they can each day, each quarter, each year.  Another tall order!

I found it easier to comment and give thoughts towards questions they asked.  So, I have only a few followers, but I hope you ask questions about how to differentiate.  That will spur this blog along.