Saturday, December 27, 2014

Hallways, Classrooms, and Computer Labs "OH MY!"

It is the best thing!

    It is FINALLY October!  (Or end of Dec.  Not sure why I didn't post this! Crazy yr.)

         Not only do I love it for the crisp fresh breezes, pumpkin everything, smells of  baking and fireplaces....But the greatest is that my kiddos are demonstrating the constant consistent work of following through even when I just want to through my hands up and say fine run the room!!! 
    When you take the time to send a small group back to practice for the five hundredth time, while the remainder of the students turn the corner making their way out of sight, integrity! Will they make it to the room without disrupting every classroom along the way? YES!! In fact, doing so impressing teachers as they make their way through the crowded hallway.
    INSERT~~~ Happy dance! Happy dance!
    Music Master turns on Weird Al's "Eat It" and even students working in the hall hop up, come in, put away one subject, and set up for the one after lunch. YES!!! Other adults in the room recognize the students' behaviors and independence. Lunch is a huge motivator!  Students are taking on responsibility in the classroom, following through without reminder after reminder, and independence is flourishing. 


    Taking time....3 weeks or more at start of school....
to get to know students
 (inventories and surveys)

teach about how the brain works
setting expectations together
follow through with consequences
reteach expectations over and over and over...
put students in charge...give them responsibilities
expect that they will and are able to complete the task
continually remind the class that everyone learns differently
and have different talents to make our classroom the best ever
teach and talk like you believe every child can and will grow everyday in your room
It is NOT good enough to say it then treat them like one large group.
They are individuals.  They all learn differently and deserve our passion to teaching them
where they are and move them from there to where they can go.