Saturday, June 4, 2016

Achievement Mindset

Achievement Mindset

How do we develop a drive, motivation, or foster effort for learning in our students?

Too be honest, this would have been the largest issue I faced this past year.  A class full of students who simply put little to no effort into their work.  
(Note: This portion is going to be extremely simpified.  Each of these items has its own full chapter in the  Poor Student, Rich Teacher book by Eric Jensen.)

1. Offer choice...A good start but effect size is only 0.48

2. Teacher mindset about who can and cannot achieve has a greater impact than IQ, socioeconomic status, or reading ability.  WOW! Take time to reflect on that.  WE HAVE GREAT POWER to MOTIVATE! (Chpt 10 discusses our modeling of high achievement thinking)

3. Providing high true relevancy to learning

4. Effective feedback = effect size .65 (chpt 11) We all know the 3 positives to 1 negative.  Plus, the use of specific tasks not just the general, "Well done." phrasing.   Interesting parts of this chapter was that formative assessment that is used as a learning tool for the students has an effect size of 0.90.  Using statements such as... "I like the way you used ____strategy on that problem."  Even to go further and ask why or how they chose that strategy reinforces the positive use of their learning.  Mentioning to students when you see them using a positive attitude going into a new concept, gives them strength as well.

5. GUTSY GOALS - get ready....1.44 effect size!!  (Chpt 9) The kicker is starting from day 1 of the new school year and setting what may seem like a unattainable goal in conjunction with very attainable small bites (steps).  This will be my Proffessional Goal again this year as I did not get to where I want to be with it last year.  In fact, I went backwards a bit from what I had done in the past.

How do you use goals within your classroom?  Which one of these can you improve upon or already do well?  

Lets change lives through providing students with all they need so they can't help but achieve!!