Sunday, May 29, 2016

Battling the Poverty Brains in Our Classrooms - 2

EFFECT SIZE...0.72 & 0.87....WOW!! 

  Relationships Matter

    This is not new information.  We all have heard it, do it, and want it.  OR have we?  Relationships, according to Eric Jensen have a whopping 0.72 effect size as average for all students. For secondary students, the effect size is 0.87.  Kindergarten teachers, the relationships you build with male students especially were correlated to their academic success through middle school!! Feeling a bit of pressure.  Chapter three of Poor Students, Rich teachers states that students from low-income families can perform equal to their higher-income classmates with teachers who are strong in instruction and emotional supports.   Another study discussed in the same portion demonstrates how IQ is effected by classroom relationships.  IT DOES MATTER!
    I consider myself a relationship building teacher, but if it is THAT important, maybe, just maybe, I should take time to reflect on my practice. 

    Using student names....
        How do you learn your student's names?  
                       How long does it take you to learn their names?
                                          How often do you use their names after you have learned them?
               +Use name tags not only for you, but it is important for the specialists to learn and use the                     student names.  They may need more time with name tags. 
               +Link name games to lessons - alliteration, rhyming, setting...Students state their name or a                classmates using the concept that you are teaching.  EX: "I am Katie and I live in a small                      green house. "

    Get to know you activities... 
            What activities do you use to learn more about your students?
                        When do you use these and for how long?  (10 min. for first 10 days, once a week                                  throughout the year)
              +Personal timelines, pennants, posters (throughout the year)
              + Passion Projects (a couple times per year)
              +Interest and learning surveys (start of year)
              +ebook about self (want to try)
              +Favorite book/author talks (throughout the year)

     Sharing your story/life...
             What is a story you share about you at their age do you use?
                        When do you feel comfortable telling personal stories about your life? 

            +Play ask the teacher 20 questions (I play this the first or second day and each student gets to                ask one question.)      
            + 2 truths and a lie (start of year or later)
            +Power Point:
                         pictures of family, picture of me at their age,  favorite music, hobbies, my pets, map                              of all the places I've lived, Sonic Tea (my obsession), favorites...      
             ***Many of these ideas can then be expanded by the students doing the same activity to                            share with the class.                        

I would love to hear your ideas!!!
Next post will be about building relationships amongst students. :)