Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Sometimes Life Just Gets in the Way!!


It has been longer than I thought!! 

Well, one of my goals for the summer is to get back to my blog.  It barely got started and then I neglected it for my teenagers. NO REGRETS! Obviously, it was not the time in my life to take on this endeavor.
WELL...Last child graduated two weeks ago!! Amen!
    Sitting in my luxurious large and deep soaker tub!!!

I plan to continue my Bites posts when it get closer to start of year.  This way they are timely.

For June, I am going to be involved in an independent study of Teaching with the Poverty Brain in Mind and other Eric Jensen books.  I am a fan of Eric Jensen and hope to get to his summer conference one day.  At this time, reading his books will have to do.  I plan to share my insights, synthesis, and open up the discussion about strategies.

I am super EXCITED about this study as I know it will be beneficial from day one of the next school day.