Wednesday, July 12, 2017

First 5 minutes each day all year long...

Image result for clock clipart freeI get it ...  You just walked in 5 minutes earlier and are still putting away the coat or checking to get everything ready for the students.  Most districts I have worked for have teacher starting times 5 - 10 minutes prior to the school bell. Not much time to collect yourself and greet students.

Image result for students clipart
HOWEVER, that first 30 seconds of each of their lives IS important.  IT sets a tone.  SO, be outside your door greeting students.
    It gives you insight into the moods that are coming into the room.  You can check on the ones who always seem to forget something in the backpack.
It is much more than a handshake saying a cheerful good is 30 seconds that tells each of your students you care about them.  You are there for them not the busyness of the morning. It is a solid spot for the students to know where they can find you and ask you questions if needed because you are not busy getting ready.

Take the time...plaster the smile on...and greet.