Thursday, July 6, 2017

HELP! What to do next?

Differentiation 101, part 4

All right, we set expectations....
                      We conducted some class meetings to get buy in....

How do we manage the times when students fall short of the expected?

Follow through! 
   We have all been there.  It is exhausting, frustrating, aggrevating...just to name a few emotions that hit teachers when it is the 253 millionth time to ask someone to practice walking down the hall in a respectful manner.  But if we don't, they know they can do it as they want.
Therfore, BE CAREFUL what expectations you DETERMINE are important.  KNOW why they are the ones you want to set.  You will have to follow through. 

Another way to follow through is use your class meeting time to discuss what the students notice is going well and what as a class we need to work towards.  They know what is working and not, especially if they were part of the expectations set up.  Get ideas on how to address times when they are not following through on their expected behaviors.  THIS IS GOLDEN!

Secondly, CELEBRATE! 
   How does this work for those who fall short?? Everyone likes to be seen as doing the right thing. Students work for you better if they feel you are going to recognize their efforts. Therefore, use your superpower of postitve reinforcement!  Be sure to recognize and note when it goes well for individuals as well as the class. Find more positives than negatives.  We all know this, but if you are like  me....reminders are always a good thing, especially that last quarter!