Thursday, July 13, 2017

Which one? Where is it?

It is probably just me.  BUT I have a ton of picture books that I want to use for instructional purposes but then can't find them when needed.  Normally, a month later or prior that "particular" book is spotted, but not when needed.

SO....I started putting them in the filing cabinet with the appropriate subject.  Their placement was rushed a couple years ago when I was moving rooms.  Therefore, I confess they were basically shoved in some spot in the general area of the subject to which they went.  "I'll have time during the year to deal with it." I told myself.  😂HAHAHA!!!😂
   Then the next year I moved again and this time the room was under construction until the week prior to returning. THEN as any elementary teacher know....It is not organization time....It is put stuff somewhere to survive the year time. Again, telling myself, "I'll get to it during the year." AGAIN....NOT DONE!

This summer, I am making the time to go through those filing cabinets.

YES!! I love to be organized!! 
     I do not like the feeling that I don't know where things are or the time it takes to search.  

Step 1. Go through files and ditch unneeded items.  

Step 2. Find the picture multitude of books scattered throughout.

Step 3.  Have a brilliant idea! I am sure others have known to do this but for me, it was a "Why didn't you think of this before?!?!" moment.
I don't know about you, but I hoard "leftover" labels. 

Just what was needed.

Step 4. Label the books for which subject and concept they will be used.

Step 5. File them with the other items for the same concept. 

VOILA! The books are tagged and ready for use.  I look forward to a spectacular year of educating young minds using the best of my resources!

How do you organize your picture books or other non-worksheet type resources?